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Providing Eco-friendly water heating alternative to our clients with the support of our uniquely designed and efficient Solar Water Heaters...

An Introduction

Conventional water heating solutions (such as geysers) consumes approximately 6,400 KW hours of energy in a year. This plays a big role in the formulation of a minimum of 8 tons of carbon dioxide every year meaning two times the formulation by vehicles. This in turn affects the environment adversely which affects you and your families health. So what is the right solution? We, Shree Khodiyar Solar Pvt. Ltd. brings to you the best solution, that is, Solar Water Heaters, they not just heat up the water but also emit absolutely zero carbon dioxide. To provide people with these Eco-friendly heaters, we are working as a dedicated Manufacturer and Supplier in the market. Our offered water heaters range includes 100 Ltr. Solar Water Heater, 150Ltr Solar Water Heater, 200 Ltr. Solar Water Heater, 250 Ltr. Solar Water Heater and many more. These satisfy the water heating solution needs of our clients without damaging the environment.